Bird Bath Spirit Award


Following long tradition, FCYST once again challenges all participating teams to a friendly competition of enthusiasm, sportsmanship and general zaniness! Tap into your creative side and show everyone your Bird Bath Spirit.

The winning team will proudly take possession of new Spirit Trophy for an entire year and will return with it to defend their title at the 2020 Bird Bath Invitational. FCYST is currently the reining Spirit Champion. Do you have what it takes to knock them off their perch?

2019 Daily Spirit Themes

Friday, July 5: “Red, White and Blue” - Here’s another chance to wear your Independence best (after all its the day after the 4th!)  

Saturday, July 6: “70’s” - Strut your disco stuff as we salute the 1970’s

Sunday, July 7: “Christmas in July” - Back by popular demand, an oldie but a goodie

Judging Committee

Participants needed! This year we need your help in selecting which team gets to take the illustrious Spirit Award home for 2019. We’re looking for four coaches to volunteer to act as official ‘Spirit Judges’ - let us know if you’re interested.