Enjoy tasty and healthy food and drink during the Summer Classic and Bird Bath!

Concessions are located at the pavilion just outside of the pool area next to the playground.

Summer Classic Menu

View the Summer Classic Concessions menu in PDF format!

‘Starting Block’ – Breakfast Bowl

Cheesy Hash browns, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon or Sausage

‘Free Style’ – Bagels & Cream Cheese

‘Personal Best’ – Mixed Berry Smoothies

‘Swim Goggle’ - Sub Sandwiches

- Turkey & Cheese
- Ham & Cheese

‘Flip Turn’ - Taco Salad

Taco meat on a bed of Doritos w/ Lettuce and Cheese, Served with side of salsa and sour cream

‘Streamline Snacks’

- Mixed Fruit Cups
- Italian Pasta Salad Cups
- Peanut Butter Fluff
- Nutella / PB Snack Bags
- Mixed Veggie & Ranch Cups
- Fresh Fruits
- Hard Boiled Eggs
- String Cheese


- Water
- Gatorade
- Coffee
- Soda