Erb Pool

Fox Cities YMCA Swim Team (FCYST) is uniquely privileged to have the opportunity to host two major outdoor long course summer swim meets - the Fox Cities Summer Classic and the Bird Bath Invitational.  In cooperation with the City of Appleton, the Appleton Parks & Recreation Department,  and the many, many supporters of swimming throughout the entire community, we proudly invite swimmers from near and far to experience these privileged waters. 

Its more than a pool .... more than a park, it's a state of mind .... it's Erb Pool!


Explore the information below to learn more about the longstanding tradition of aquatic activities in Appleton's Erb Park, the three pools that generations of swimmers have enjoyed for over 77 years, and the great question so often pondered by those fortunate enough to have experienced its thrill ... "How did the Bird Bath get its name?"   Enjoy!


Erb Pool - The Transformation

Wonder what's been happening at Erb Park since the 2016?  Check out The Transformation below.


Why is it called the 'Bird Bath'??

A historical look at the origins of this peculiar swim meet name.